About Us

The company was founded in Switzerland in 1972 under the name "VistaCoorda" as an advertising agency (today it would be called a communications agency).
In 1984, when we started working in Germany, we specialized in the areas of tourism and, in line with technical developments, took the first steps in these new forms of communication. This also included the development of industry-specific applications for the travel agency sector and airlines.
From 1991, again due to technical developments, we worked on the development of internet presences for customers from the travel and real estate industries and implemented the online presence for the first newspapers in France. At the beginning of the 90s we also created the first fluvial tourism and real estate websites in Burgundy.
The focus of our work has always been to provide customers with the most solid and long-term access to the relevant market and to expand it.
With branches in Reunion Island, Mauritius, India, Ukraine and Spain, this tradition continued until the owner retired in 2015.
Since then, he has dedicated himself to advising customers on an individual basis in manageable projects based in Portugal and France.